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In April 2020, a group of Indian language publishers from across the country came together to understand and tackle challenges of publishing and distribution in a post-COVID world. The idea behind “Publishers’ Exchange” was to meet via weekly Zoom calls, learn from one another and keep each other updated on global best practices, to ensure that no one gets left behind. This is a first-of-its-kind platform of publishers representing different languages. Before this, most professional guilds and bodies were only looking at local issues in their regions. Over the last 6 months, the Publishers’ Exchange has tackled issues ranging from ebook conversions, onboarding on online retail platforms, audio books and physical book distribution channels, accessing rural markets, acquiring translation rights from each other’s catalogues, planning virtual book fairs and participating in global opportunities for Indian publishers.

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Vasudhendra is a Kannada author and lives in Bangalore, India. The author of fifteen books in Kannada, that have sold over hundred thousand copies, Vasudhendra has won many literary awards, including the Kannada Sahitya Academy Book Prize. His book ‘Mohanaswamy’ chronicles the life of a young queer man. The book has been translated into English, Spanish, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Hindi. After working as a software professional for more than twenty years, Vasudhendra now runs his own publication house, Chanda Pustaka, which publishes and encourages new writing in Kannada. He has instituted the Chanda Pustaka Award which recognizes young short story writers. He is also associated with local support groups for LGBT individuals. Being a passionate hiker, he has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro of Tanzania and trekked to Kailash & Mansarovar of Tibet. World Cinema and Mahabharata are his other passions. He vouched not to watch television 19 years back and walks his words!

Publisher & Author

Chanda Pustaka

Ravi Deecee is the Managing Partner of DC Books, the first in the book industry in India to get ISO certified and one of the top five literary book publishing houses in India, and the leading book publisher in Malayalam. DC Books is the first to come out with ecosystem based e-Publishing in India through its sisterconcern company namely EC Media International. EC Media functions as an eBook store with books in more than 10 Indian languages. It’s also one of the largest eMagazine providers of Indian magazines. He is also the Managing Director of Current Books (India) Pvt. Ltd, the second largest Bookshop chain in India. He is the Secretary of DC Kizhakemuri Foundation, a trust formed to promote socio-economic, culture and education. He founded D C School of Management and Technology, a School which offers Management, Architecture and Finance programmes. He has visited around 30 countries and has spoken widely on the book industry and publishing. He has done his higher education in Management from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. He founded Kerala Literature Festival, which has been conceived as a space that enables a confluence of thought, ideas & culture, and aims to map literature through discussions on aspects of Science & Technology, Art, Cinema, History, Politics & Writing, and various facets that shape human consciousness. KLF has emerged as the 2nd largest Literary Festival of India in terms of participation and quality of content. He is currently serving in various professional bodies, including CII, TiE, etc.

Managing Partner

DC Books

Gita Ramaswamy is the managing trustee. She has written India Stinking and co-authored the OUP Anthology of Dalit Literature, Taking Charge of Our Bodies, On their own: a socio-legal investigation of inter-country adoption in India, Jeena Hai To Marna Seekho: The Life and Times of George Reddy. She has also undertaken several translations among which are D.Krishnamurthy’s Anantharam and works on curating translations of Telugu literature into other languages. Her earlier work among agricultural labourers is what she thinks sustains her other work.

Managing Trustee

Hyderabad Book Trust

Rajathi Salma is a writer of poetry and fiction. Based in the small town of Thuvarankurichi, she is recognised as a writer of growing importance in Tamil literature. Her work combines a rare outspokenness about taboo areas of the traditional Tamil women’s experience with a language of compressed intensity and startling metaphoric resonance. She has faced great adversity – including obscenity charges and violent threats for her erotic poetry, and living locked away by her family – to also become a major political leader and campaigner for women’s rights. She is the subject of an eponymous documentary film by Kim Longinotto. Her debut novel The Hour Past Midnight was longlisted for the Man Booker Asia Prize. Women Dreaming (tr Meena Kandasamy) is her sophomore novel.


Kalachuvadu Publication

A pre-destined publisher, Bhaskar Dutta-Baruah deliberately crashed into his ancestral book business in 2003 after a corporate jaunt in London and the UAE.  He has an MBA from Leeds Business School, UK and a degree in English from Delhi University.  Born way back in the 1970s, he straddles between Guwahati and Normandy.  At times he also dabbles with writing, working on two books that are sure to bomb if ever published.


LBS Publications

Marwari by genes and innovative by nature, Manish Dhariwal is C.E.O. & co-founder of markmybook.com a marketplace dedicated to books and literature. Post graduate in Business Administration Manish comes from a small town of Rajasthan who has founded markmybook out of passion for books. He teams with his brother Rahul Hemraj in business. markmybook Only of its kind markmybook is a marketplace of books. A link between publishers, authors and readers markmybook offers online books distribution services across India. Here publishers can sell their books straight to readers without any middle man interference. Not only book distribution markmybook offers; Kathanak– An unique multilingual content sharing platform for  online reading, Kalamkari –  Online sessions & workshops by noted authors. BookMitra – Self publishing services for budding authors markmybook – https://markmybook.com/ Kathanak- https://markmybook.com/kathanak Kalamkari – https://markmybook.com/kalamkari BookMitra – https://markmybook.com/bookmitra/

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark My Book

Started as a Young Entrepreneur in 1985, after completing his bachelor’s in Business, he has been on a rise while managing and Developing ‘Mehta Publishing House’. He has been the first publisher in Marathi Industry to shape up the Technological Advances and amending all the business rules in Times in Changing Publishing Industry. The Translations which are done in Marathi, and the whole business Model for the same have always been shaped up by Mr. Sunil Mehta. No other Publisher has managed to make the translated book list so strong and wide. Represented Mehta Publishing House at different levels of Book Fairs and Book Associats, all over the world.


Mehta Publishing House

About the Author Shirsendu Mukhopadhyay is one of the recognized authors in Bengali literature. His style of writing gives him popularity among young Bengalis. His characters are based in real life and real situations. Born on 2nd of November, 1935. His writing career began with the famous Bengali magazine Desh in 1959. In the same year, his first novel Ghunpoka (Woodworm) was published. First children’s novel – Manojder Adbhut Baari. He has received many awards for his works: the Vidyasagar Award (1985) for his contribution in children’s literature; Ananda Puraskar (in 1973, and again in 1990) and the Sahitya Academy Award for his novel Manabjamin in 1988. About the Translator Pratiti is a recent graduate of Ashoka University with a major in History and a minor in Creative Writing. She is from Kharagpur, but Delhi hasnow  become her true love. Other than translating, she spends her time squeezing primary sources to do her history research, run around campus (now virtually) to do fun things with language and history, and finally jump around working in the Student Government.


Patra Bharti

Pranav Johri is the 4th generation publisher in the independent family-owned publishing house Rajpal & Sons Publishing. He has an experience of 10 years in the publishing industry. He was awarded the Romain Rolland Award in 2018 for his translation and publishing project of Patrick Modiano in Hindi, and the Istanbul Publishers Fellowship in 2019. He heads the international translations and distribution projects, along with the digital publishing, audio publishing and print-on-demand strategies of the publishing house.


Rajpal and Sons Publications

Neeta Gupta is the publisher at Yatra Books and a literary consultant with a special emphasis on translations. She is also the editor of Bharatiya Anuvad Parishad’s quarterly journal on translation, Anuvad. Yatra Books and Bharatiya Anuvad Parishad share strategic strengths and draw synergy and creativity from their complementary activities. She has been working towards creating publishing connectivities across different languages and cultures.


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